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Locking yourself out of your car is still one of the most annoying experiences you can have. Murphy’s Law seems to apply at the most inconvenient times in our lives. Many of us have successfully used a clothes hanger, or a similar device, when we were young. Modern vehicles do not allow a simple unlocking of the door lock, nor do they allow for easy key replacement. Mobile Locksmith Gold Coast uses modern, high-tech tools in order to help their customers with newer vehicles.

Locked out of your car? We can get you back on the road fast!

Broken ignition key? No problem! We’ll make a new key for you on the spot.

Lost your keys? We’ll make a new set for you.

Need a Transponder Key or Code?  We can do it all.

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Car Key Stuck In Ignition

Car Key Stuck In Ignition

Our services range from replacing stolen or lost keys to unlocking vehicles with the keys stuck in the ignition. We also replace remotes and repair jammed ignitions.  We even remove keys that have broken off in your ignition. While the services of a locksmith have remained pretty much the same, the tools we use have changed significantly. The entry and ignition systems of modern cars have become very sophisticated and we have to adapt to be able to serve our customers with modern vehicles.

We are able to provide our customers with a new key, whether it is a standard key or one of the modern transponder keys. We have to be able to cut and code the new keys on site to get you back on the road as soon as possible. While that sounds very reasonable, transponder keys are very different from normal keys. A transponder key has an embedded code that corresponds with the code of the engine immobilizer. Both codes have to match in order to start the vehicle. We have a “coding machine” so that we can program the key to match your car’s ignition. For older vehicles our standard key cutting machine is sufficient.

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The Worst Feeling In The World, Keys Inside, Doors Locked!

Unlocking your vehicle is probably the most often used service we provide. People tend to forget the keys in the ignition and slam the doors shut. Modern cars often have a function that prevents the locks from operating while the key is in the ignition, or anywhere inside the car. Regardless, people manage to lock themselves out all the time. A very effective modern tool is the air fighter pro. This tool uses an inflatable bag to open the door. Older vehicles do not offer safety features to prevent an accidental lock out. We use proven tools like a Slim Jim or a lasso tool to unlock the doors from older models. Even old fashioned pick sets are still used today to open doors.

Broken Key? No problems!

Locked Out

Locked Key In Car

Every year many drivers find themselves in a real jam because they broke their key off in the ignition. This is often caused by the prolonged wear on the key itself through the weight of a heavy key chain. Over the course of many years the key weakens and can break off easily, leaving the driver stuck with no way to start the car. The weight of a heavy key chain can also damage the ignition itself and may result in a need to replace the ignition switch. As a reputable, modern auto lock smith we have to be able to fix a jammed ignition on the spot, remove a broken key, and replace the key to get you back on the road.

We Carry A Wide Range Of Key Blanks

Many modern vehicles are equipped with a key that combines the key and the remote control into one unit. We have a wide variety of remotes and key blanks on hand to replace a lost or damaged unit. We come prepared and carry remotes of all the most popular brands and models.

Confused about what a transponder key really is?

Don’t worry you are not alone! Transponder technology is complicated to explain. Just know this; we fix transponder keys!

From the early to mid 1990s, nearly all modern day keys now have a small chip that in the industry is called a transponder chip. The chip is generally in the head of the key. On some later model vehicles the transponder chip is generally in the remote key but still acts separately to the remote. That is why we offer our customers the cost effectiveness of just a transponder chip key, usually starting around $88 or the remote key which can be very expensive in some cases.

In almost every case, you don’t need the remote key to start the car, but you do need the transponder key. This also means that someone trying to steal the car cannot without this transponder chip.

Our mobile service is available to you around the clock. So, no matter what time of the day or night, we have one of our automotive technicians on call for your convenience.

Saving Your Baby From Being Locked In…

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Don’t Risk Locking Baby In A Vehicle

Can you picture yourself and your young son on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere? It’s dark and rainy and the visibility is almost non-existent. You suddenly are startled as a cow runs across your path. You slam on the brakes and hear a slight thud. As you stop the car to see if there has been any major damage, your young son by accident presses down on the door lock. You are now locked out of a running vehicle with your child inside.

It would be easy to break the side window but it is so dark that you dare not risk injuring yourself while you search for a suitable rock. You think for a few moments and finally decide that the best solution is to call an auto locksmith. You find a company that is willing to send a qualified person to your location. They tell you that since it is an emergency that they will be there within the half hour.

Once our skilled serviceman arrives he starts immediately to unlock your front door. All of our mobile service team are highly skilled and will get back into your vehicle FAST. You are so happy because we know exactly what to do and how to do it. We outfit our mobile units with all the necessary tools so that 20 minutes from when you called your car is unlocked.

This may not be your story, but if you lock yourself out of your car, but because we have a team of technicians available, we can usually get someone to you within 30 minutes and get you on your way.

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