What should I do if I’ve locked my keys in my car?

There are several options available for Gold Coast drivers who lock their keys in their car. Rather than panicking, call your local emergency locksmith to regain access to your vehicle. Modern electronic keys can be temperamental at times. If your transponder battery is going flat, sometimes you may be squeezing as hard as you can to remote open your vehicle, yet nothing is happening. If you’re in this predicament, phone our Gold Coast locksmith and say, “I’ve locked my keys in my car” and we’ll come to your rescue in rapid time.

Dealership and membership options

Car dealerships offer an “I locked my keys in my car” recovery service. This is based on the VIN (vehicle identity number) code, which every new vehicle will have. Look to your vehicle manual to find where the VIN is visible, because as a way of deterring criminals, the VIN can often be hidden from view. If your VIN is locked inside your bonnet, which you can only access from inside the car, it’s a good idea to take a photo of your VIN and keep it in your phone or writing it down and storing it at home.

If you’re locked out of your vehicle, look for locksmiths offering roadside rescue, with a lock-out services for drivers that operates 24/7. Modern locksmith equipment and training is tailored to working with chipped keys with immobilisers, and these can be reprogrammed at our workshop.

Local locksmith services

When you’ve realised “I locked my keys in my car”, it’s easy to become frustrated. However, rather than having a tantrum, take a deep breath and scroll through your phone to search for a local emergency locksmith. Or even better, keep our number handy in your Contacts, so if the unfortunate should happen, you’re already prepared.

Our technicians will need the VIN to reproduce a car key for you. Call our all-hours helpline on (07) 5601 1823 to sort out your sticky situation. Our established locksmith services at MLGC Locksmith Services will usually be able to help you regain access to your vehicle within an hour.

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