Ensuring The Security Of Your Vehicle

Vehicle Security

The Modern Car Key

Modern car keys have transponders that provide a transmission of radio frequency which the responder in the car has to identify. It is only when this is correctly matched with the data in the car, that the responder in the car allows further operations that may have to do with steering locks, ignitions and door locks.

The actual key that is being used by the driver will have a microchip embedded in the key that is unique to each vehicle and has the serial number of the vehicle, embedded in a code. Once the serial number is validated by the vehicle though its own unit, it allows operation of the key to perform further operations. Most such transponder keys are made by the car manufacturers and because of security they will be very reluctant to part with any information that is imprinted on the chips. However, certified and licensed locksmiths are able to get this information so that they can repair or replace or deal with any problems that can come from transponder keys.

We Program Transponder Keys To Match Your Car

Car Keys

Transponder Keys Have To Match Your Car

We us use these blanks to laser cut the keys so that they match your ignition switch. The microchip will need to be programmed to match the codes that are specific to each vehicle. Transponder keys perform multiple functions like opening the door, starting the ignition and even shutting down the fuel pump. Cars which have transponder keys will have additional valet keys, which allow operation of the vehicle, without allowing the fuel pump to function. This allows cars to be parked with the fuel left in the fuel pipe. Many high end cars come with these features as standard.

If you lose or damage your transponder key we have all the equipment to get your back on the road super fast.

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