What You Do If You Lose The Keys To Your Vehicle

Lost  Car Key

Have You Ever Lost Your Car Key?

Have you ever lost your car keys? Let’s say that you go to a sporting event in a sports stadium. After a great game where you favourite team completely destroyed the opposition you walk back to your car only to find that somehow you have lost your car keys. After a careful and thorough search of the area where you were sitting you conclude that the keys are definitely lost.

And to make matters worse, the area where you have parked your car is known for crime and therefore you do not what to leave your car overnight. You have two options. You can call a tow truck and have the car towed to your house 35 kilometres away. Actually, that is not even a viable option as the cost would be outrageous. The more sensible option would be to call a locksmith who can come to you and unlock your car and make a new key.

We Have All The Equipment Needed To Get You Back

Into Your Car And On The Road Again

Unfortunately, not all locksmith companies have that ability. However, as luck would have it we offer a genuine 24 hour emergency locksmith service. Give us a call and explain the situation and we agree to be there as soon as possible. What a relief!

As promised, doesn’t matter what time of the day or night we will come to you. We have a mobile vehicle that is fully equipped. Not only are we capable of opening the car door by carefully releasing the lock mechanism but we have the machine that will make a new car key, even transponder keys. The final cost for all of these services is very reasonable.










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