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Key CuttingWe have the technology to cut your car keys the right way, perfectly the first time!

Have you ever gone to your local hardware store to have a duplicate car key cut? When you try to use it for the first time it does not work. Or it stops working after only a few tries. This is common with key cutting machines that are found at hardware stores and other locations. The reason that the keys do not work is that the machine is cheap. It is made from inexpensive materials that do not cut the car key precisely.

This will never happen when you use our Burleigh Heads retail outlet or if one of our mobile units attends to you where you are. These trained locksmiths only use the best car key cutting machines in the industry. Sure, the cost of your new car key may cost a few more cents but that extra cost only pays for the extra quality of the machine. The car keys that a locksmith cuts will last longer than those of the cheaper key cutting machines. And these days a lot of the modern cars have transponder keys which can only be duplicated by a qualified and licensed locksmith.

This may seem like a small thing of little concern but it is not. Imagine yourself and your family stranded in an unsavoury area of the city and your car will not start. It does not require one to have too much of an imagination to see the benefits of using a locksmith that cuts your keys the right way. In fact, they will use the same quality base key that came with the original set of keys.

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