Locked Your Keys In Your Car?

Locked Keys In Car

An Embarrassing Experience, Locking Your Keys In Your Car

It can be an embarrassing experience, locking your keys in your car, especially if it happens in your own driveway. All of the neighbours will be looking and wondering why you are trying to jam a clothes hanger through a small opening in your side window. The problem is that you need to get that window open a bit wider to allow enough space for the coat hanger to get through.

There are articles on the Internet that will explain how you can use a blood pressure machine and a coat hanger. However, how many people have a blood pressure machine lying around the house? It makes more sense to do the reasonable thing and call a company that is qualified in unlocking car doors without causing any damage to the car’s paint job.

We can send out one of our mobile units that has all of the equipment to open your car quickly and without damage. These mobile units have all types of equipment for all types of cars, including the technology to replace your transponder key. We know what we are doing and can get you going quickly.


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