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High Quality Lock System

Advanced Security Systems

High end commercial businesses need advanced security systems to protect their assets and valuables. It is only through the installation of high quality locks and security systems that these businesses can be protected against burglary and other similar incidences. To help take care of your business, and ensure everything works as it is supposed to.

Here Are Some Of The Commercial Services We Have To Offer On A 24 Hour Basis To Help Secure Businesses;

  • Commercial Key Duplication: This is important especially if managers or employees have to share a key to access a certain room or office. It is also important for the business’ key backups.
  • Access Control Card Locks: We offer installation services for these high end digital security locks that rely on a card swipe to open and close. These also monitor who accesses an area, and at what time.
  • Commercial Lock Installations: There is a large variety of commercial locks that you can choose to be installed in your businesses for an enhanced security.
  • Installation Of Digital Keypad Locks: These locks are highly efficient for keeping unauthorised persons from restricted areas. It is only after entering the right combination that the locks can open. Entering the wrong codes for a number of times triggers an alarm or response team, which is a feature for enhancing security.
  • Safes: If you need a safe to keep sensitive documents and bonds, we have the strongest safes in town. We also provide services for unlocking safes especially if one has forgotten combination keys for unlocking the safes.
  • Master Key Systems
  • Restricted Key Systems

We provide a 24 hour service for all your commercial needs, especially if locked out of the office due to a lost key, or just because you cannot unlock a safe. Our locksmiths are highly trained and trustworthy to give all the satisfaction needed.


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